Lemurs and Sapphires

When people buy sapphires, that means they kill indris.


A Meditation on La Jardin Marjorelle

The Artist tenderly drew up plans to create a luscious place of meditation in the city; a living temple dedicated to elegance and serenity.  A place of tranquillity, and of dynamic energy.  He consecrated the earth as temple, cathedral, mosque, gurdwara, church, garden. He sent the tall date palms soaring as supporting pillars to hold…

Copenhagen: A Tale of Two Tails

The most photographed of Copenhagen’s inhabitants (5 million snaps per year) has been in residence for over 100 years. The Little Mermaid, the heroine of the story by Hans Christian Anderson, is famous. In 1989, Disney released an animated all-singing, all-dancing version of the story.  The Little Mermaid became the feisty red-headed Ariel, and the…

An Introduction to Deserts

When a child thinks of a desert, it is usually some flat sandy landscape, yellow underneath a blue sky

Learning to Shout in Greek

I did what any self-respecting girl with wanderlust and a clingy boyfriend would do, and bought a one-way ticket for myself to Greece. I had replied, in a very old fashioned way, to an advert in a newspaper. I now had a job – to teach English as a foreign language.