Tobermory Colours in the Rain

From vivid blue to candy pink, the buildings are irresistable. 


Tangier Blue

The predominant colour was blue, blue of every shade imaginable.

Rio Carnival

The dancers in the queue – all in white – were already moving and swaying to the intoxicating rhythm when a fork-lift truck suddenly lumbered into view.

Christmas in Edinburgh

no sound of Noddy Holder yelling/singing ‘It’s Christmaaaaassss!!!!’. As I said, a bit weird….

A Meditation on La Jardin Marjorelle

The Artist tenderly drew up plans to create a luscious place of meditation in the city; a living temple dedicated to elegance and serenity.  A place of tranquillity, and of dynamic energy.  He consecrated the earth as temple, cathedral, mosque, gurdwara, church, garden. He sent the tall date palms soaring as supporting pillars to hold…