Rio Carnival

The dancers in the queue – all in white – were already moving and swaying to the intoxicating rhythm when a fork-lift truck suddenly lumbered into view.


The Biggest Bikini in Brazil

“It’s Brazil! Copacabana Beach! Do you see anyone else wearing a one-piece?”

Christmas in Edinburgh

no sound of Noddy Holder yelling/singing ‘It’s Christmaaaaassss!!!!’. As I said, a bit weird….

A Meditation on La Jardin Marjorelle

The Artist tenderly drew up plans to create a luscious place of meditation in the city; a living temple dedicated to elegance and serenity.  A place of tranquillity, and of dynamic energy.  He consecrated the earth as temple, cathedral, mosque, gurdwara, church, garden. He sent the tall date palms soaring as supporting pillars to hold…

Copenhagen: A Tale of Two Tails

The most photographed of Copenhagen’s inhabitants (5 million snaps per year) has been in residence for over 100 years. The Little Mermaid, the heroine of the story by Hans Christian Anderson, is famous. In 1989, Disney released an animated all-singing, all-dancing version of the story.  The Little Mermaid became the feisty red-headed Ariel, and the…