Tangier Blue

The predominant colour was blue, blue of every shade imaginable.


The World in Black and White

It was November. In Glasgow. And it rained in a Biblical frenzy for most of that week.

Rio Carnival

The dancers in the queue – all in white – were already moving and swaying to the intoxicating rhythm when a fork-lift truck suddenly lumbered into view.

Christmas in Edinburgh

no sound of Noddy Holder yelling/singing ‘It’s Christmaaaaassss!!!!’. As I said, a bit weird….

A Meditation on La Jardin Marjorelle

The Artist tenderly drew up plans to create a luscious place of meditation in the city; a living temple dedicated to elegance and serenity.  A place of tranquillity, and of dynamic energy.  He consecrated the earth as temple, cathedral, mosque, gurdwara, church, garden. He sent the tall date palms soaring as supporting pillars to hold…