Lao Tzu’s words seem to suggest that a ‘good’ traveller is one who is flexible, and who enjoys the journey rather than being eager to arrive at a specific destination on a specific date.  I suppose that he might believe a ‘bad’ traveller to be someone who has a  printed itinerary, a specific timetable, and who sees the travelling itself as a necessary evil.

I imagine that we have all been a ‘bad’ traveller at one time or another.  Desperate to catch that flight, to be in this city to see someone at an appointed time, to make the most of our 14 days holiday.  I know that traveller has been me on many occasions (apart from the printed itinerary – scribbled notes are much more my style).


But to have no fixed plans, and to have the luxury of not caring when or if you arrive somewhere – well, that’s a luxury which few of us can manage, yet many of us would aspire to.  Probably I try to be somewhere in the middle – at least knowing which continent I intend to arrive at is usually a good start.  And a few locations and sites to visit is also usually part of the reason that I have chosen to go somewhere in the first place.

But this is not a travelogue.  This is not a list of things to see or places I’ve been to.

So I don’t want to tell you how to pack, how to behave at the airport, or even how to choose which sites you visit.  What I want to do is to tell you some of the stories from my travels.

This is, rather, a collection of my adventures and misadventures; the sorts of stories I might tell you over a beer.  Perhaps there will be some philosophy, possibly some ranting, and definitely many of my opinions.  There might even be a bit of poetry now and then.

But most of all, there will be stories, which will arrive somewhere in the end.





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