A Day Off

Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.

So said one of the great (unrecognised) philosophers of the 1980’s – Ferris Beuller.  As films about travel go, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off is not one which immediately springs to mind.  The story of a day in the life of the charmed and charming Ferris who decides to skive school, taking his girlfriend Sloane and his best friend, Cameron, with him.  The fact that they take Cameron’s dad’s red Ferrari makes the day go even better.  Pursued by his increasingly crazed headmaster and his highly suspicious sister, Ferris goes about having a series of adventures in the city with the adoring Sloane and the anxious Cameron.

The only people who do any real travelling are the two parking valets who immediately go joyriding in the Ferrari, stacking up a whole heap of problems for the hapless Cameron.

What do you mean you’ve never seen the film?  It will pull you out of the deepest doldrums (guaranteed) and remind you that taking a break from your routine can be  as good as a holiday.

So go on.  Do it.  Take the longer, more scenic route to work, and see what new things you notice.  Take an extended lunch break and walk down streets you’ve never gone down before.  Actually, take the whole day off.  Treat it as you would a day in a foreign city where you go out for breakfast, go to an unknown art gallery, and while the time away people watching at street cafes and bars.  Look up at the architecture you’ve never stopped to look at before, these strange creatures or textures which some architect or artist has placed out of your usual hurrying eye-line.  Eat food you’ve never tried before.  Look at a map of your town or city and see what catches your eye that you didn’t know even existed.  Haggle with the street sellers for a memento of your day.  Take photographs of places which you thought were familiar, but somehow look different on your day off.

Take Ferris Beuller as your role model, and step out of your life once in a while!  Just maybe keep other people’s Ferrari’s out of your plans….

Oh, and the place I stopped and looked around a bit and took the photo?  Copenhagen Central Station.  The Danes really know their philosophers.



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  1. FBDO was and probably still is, my daughter’s favourite film. When she was at secondary school she would start watching it on a Monday morning while she was having breakfast, eject when she had to leave. On Tuesday she’d re-insert the tape (tape, not DVD) and continue until she had to eject it again. This process continued until the end of the week. If there was any left to watch, she’d do her final viewing for the week at the weekend. Repeat next Monday. She can still quote, word perfect, from the dialogue.

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    1. ailsathom88 says:

      Your daughter has excellent taste. It’s one of the films my sister and I watch when we get together over a bottle of wine.


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